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San Francisco Rag Gazette

"....Homophobia and bad treatment to people is a fact of life, but we don't need another catalyst to stir the pot of ill will. "Talking Shit," is a mindless exercise in base humor that adds nothing positive to our slanted culture of hate and violence. A sharp idea that takes the low, easy road instead of something daring and positive. This could've been the "Sex In the City," for men - a comic series for everyone, but this reviewer is not laughing at the disgusting result!"

Peggy Ramington
Arts and Leisure

Above Your Mind Publications

"This meaningless piece of excrement, which eviscerates the queens intention of articulate communication among the masses in a cogent manner, does more damage than its brainless, numbing agenda. Why am I being so deliberate with my language? It's simply crap. Period, exclamation point!"

Bart T. Smarty
Founding Member

Midwestern Muse

"We like "Shit". It's a way of life in our region of the country, but this "Talking Shit," is toxic. It's kind of funny, especially when it makes fun of the gays, but to quote my Hebrew friend, "It's not quite Kosher and sends a bad message to the young people in our country." God bless America!"

Slim Paisley
Entertainment, News, Weather, Editorial

High Times Magazine

"This "Shit," is the best shit I never smoked!"

Joe Puffer

Texas Trader

"Down here, "Shit," is a commodity. Cherished, like our oil. We take pride in our shit! It's unamerican for those yahoo progressive types to portray shit as something trivial, and that's all I have to say about that!"

Bob Underwell
Business Editor